Leather Alterations & Repairs

We restore, rejuvenate, renovate, and revive leather garments

You don't purchase a leather jacket, vest, coat, or pants to last just a single season. However, over time, there may be a number of reasons why your treasured garment ends up simply hanging in the closet rather than being worn and appreciated.

Perhaps, you have scuffed or even torn it.

Luxe Fashion Studio can repair and rejuvenate old and damaged leather, breathing new life into it and ensuring that you can continue to enjoy it for quite some time to come.

Are the dimensions no longer appropriate?

Over the years, people 'retire' some garments because they just don't fit the way they used to. At Luxe Fashion Studio, we can alter and adjust garments to suit your current preferences. If additional leather is required, we can source and colour to suit, or recommend creative solutions that may get around this issue.

Has the style dated and needs to be refreshed?

Although there are some limits on how substantially we can alter the 'style' of a piece, you might be pleasantly surprised to see how much we can do to update the look of a piece - perhaps some adjustments to the stitching, zippers, buttons, collars, or cuffs? Adjust slightly the proportions? Add a pocket? Add some venting or embossing?

Sewing repairs to leather garments

Bring your garment in and have an obligation-free chat with one of the Balsim family team about the ways we can breathe new life into your cherished leather garment!

We are, after all, a third generation family business of leather craftsmen with unmatched experience in designing and tailoring leather fashion garments.

Want to come in to discuss your requirements and have us measure you up? You can request an appointment online, or call us on (03) 9571 0531 to discuss your bespoke leather design.

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